About Us

Our Background

Producers in Manitoba’s Parkland region realized early after hemp was licensed in Canada, that hemp had huge potential to fit into their crop rotations. The region’s temperatures and shorter season restrict the growing of heat-loving crops like corn and sunflowers, therefore limiting the diversity of crop rotations in the area. However, Industrial Hemp is a crop that does well under these conditions and easily fits into the usual crop cycles of the area.

In 1999, a group of Parkland farmers formed Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers Cooperative Ltd. to network and share information on the agronomy and handling of hemp, as well as ideas for equipment modification, and to investigate potential markets for Industrial Hemp. PIHG is incorporated as a New Generation Cooperative. This allows us to operate as a cooperative, but also allows us to partner with private investors for other aspects of business such as the building of potential processing facilities. Membership to our co-op is open to any farm producer or processor with an interest in Industrial Hemp. New members are accepted by an application made to the board of directors. The cost of a membership is $10 (CAD) with annual dues charged each July. More info on membership can be found on our Membership page.

PIHG members have invested considerable time and expense into perfecting the growing and agronomy of hemp. In 2002 this expertise was used to start a breeding program. Some of our members have also done considerable work to learn how to efficiently adapt the equipment they already own to handle the crop with minimal difficulties. This includes modifications to both seeding and harvesting equipment.

Since 2002, our breeding program has been highly successful. Our members realized after growing hemp for a few years, that breeding hemp to suit our specific climate would be highly beneficial. We now have 9 registered varieties that vary from dual-purpose to grain-only to fibre-only applications. You can learn more about each of our varieties on our Seed Varieties page.

PIHG has maintained an office in the city of Dauphin continuously since 1999. The office has been a contact for people around the world looking for information on the Canadian Industrial Hemp industry.

And Now…

PIHG now supplies Certified seed to growers through our breeding program and local, experienced seed growers. We ship seed all over Canada and the United States of America, although most of our seed is sold to producers who sign a production contract with us. Through our production contracts we are able to supply hemp grain to processors, food distributors and formulators. At this time we do not have any fibre markets or contracts available but may begin to have these available as the market progresses. Please contact us for more information on our seed prices & availability, as well as our productions contracts. Processors interested in purchasing bulk hemp grain should also contact the office for pricing and availability.