Grain & Processed Nut

Processed Hemp Nut

Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers (PIHG) producer members are prepared to supply dehulled hemp nut to meet the needs of marketing and processing companies.

PIHG works with a processor that does an excellent job of dehulling the grain to leave a clean, pure nut product. PIHG seed varieties have a high nut-to-shell yield, and produce a large white nut that has eye appeal for most markets.

Hemp nut can be shipped in bulk to anywhere in North America.

Hemp Grain

hemp-grain-600x400Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers will contract grain production from its members that grow the hemp each year. The grain is cleaned to strict PIHG standards. Arrangements can be made to ship the grain to your processing plant or have the grain dehulled for your processing needs.

Contact us for hemp nut pricing and lot sizes.