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Becoming an Industrial Hemp Producer

The first step in becoming an Industrial Hemp producer in Canada is obtaining a cultivation license from Health Canada. Click the link below to access their application guide.

To find the GPS coordinates of your cultivation site (field) required by Health Canada please visit Earth Explorer, Google Earth or MAFRI AgriMaps.

Once you have obtained a license to cultivate it is a good idea to find an end market for your crop before planting. If you are interested in a grain production contract with PIHG please contact our office directly at 204.629.HEMP or for all the details.

For agronomy information, seeding rates, growing tips and storage tricks please visit our Tips & Tricks page or check out the following websites:

Health Canada Industrial Hemp FAQ

Government of Manitoba – Industrial Hemp

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada – Industrial Hemp

Health Canada Industrial Hemp Application Guide

Cannabis Tracking & Licensing System

Parkland Crop Diversification Foundation

Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA)

CHTA eGuide

Seed Manitoba (variety & yield trials)

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